Georgia State hypothesis

How does the commercial buildings in Georgia State effect the student’s attitudes and behavior towards finding a job with the Georgia State grounds.

Georgia state courtyard

Sitting in the courtyard made me feel like there was life in the university because that is every one goes to hang out. All I see is students walking by and also sitting and even selling stuff near some tables. There are fraternities and sororities and clubs that are in front of the library. The library is right behind me and it is clearly the largest building near by. I feel like a lot of students hang out around this are because of the location of the library and its seating arrangements outside in the courtyard. There is a beautiful water fountain that several people sit by and it has four squirts that shoot up water into the air.

Near the courtyard is classroom south where we have our English class. Next to the classroom south is the general classroom where I take my accounting tests. Being in the courtyard makes me forget how Georgia State is in the city and actually makes me feel like I’m in a real university. This is why people probably hang around the courtyard.

Georgia state scenery

Sitting down in the courtyard of Georgia State. All the buildings around me are grey. The ground is grey as well. All around the courtyard are five brick made columns in the color red. There are white lampposts around the courtyard. Coming off of Courtland Street are stairs that lead to the courtyard where there are a blue, red and grey directory sign. Next to the stairs is an electrical brown door with a black rug with the Georgia State emblem that has blue and red panther before walking into the building.

On the other side of the building is the same electrical door with the same black rug with the emblem of Georgia State. In front of where I am sitting is a wooden table with blue seats. Over to the left of where I am sitting is the blue water fountain that is made with red bricks. In front of the fountain is a ramp that leads to classroom south with a white railing. On one side is the ramp and in the middle is the stairs. The signs in front of the buildings are red, grey and blue.

Black Vernacular: Architecture as Cultural Practice, Bell Hooks creativity

This Black Vernacular article talks about bell hooks having an assignment for class that tells her to sign her dream house in an art class. Bell Hooks is a black women who grew up in a black neighborhood and in the working class.  Designing this dream house had to be all about the space and desire. Bell Hooks also talks about her daddy’s dad and how he created a home from brick. She talks about how black were enslaved and how it compared to how they would create their space. She definitely depicts how race would change how her dream home would be. Hook also denotes that being part of a poor working class does not affect how her dream home would be. Poverty can would not suppress creativity.

Sarah Shindler claims!

“Public transportation design can limit access and this negatively affects people  of color and the lower classes more often than white upper class people.”

“Bridge access and highway infrastructures are often design to enforce segregation.”

Atlantic Station Objective Analysis

I am sitting in frot of the theater on a black grilled bench while having a street in-between the theater and the sidewalk that the bench is placed on. In front of the bench is a silver fire hydrant bolted down and has a chain hanging from each side of the hydrant. Next to the hydrant is a sign that has a platform at the bottom with two poles sticking out vertically and a half shaped circle at the top. The half circle at the top of the sign is red and has a white A and S with an arrow pointing up. At the bottom of the sign is a flowerpot that is brown with darker brown smudges all around it while the flowers that are in the pot is purple, yellow and green. The sidewalk is a burgundy color with black patterns all around it.

In the street in-between the sidewalk and movie theater is a street with two yellow lines in the middle of the street while having a white “no parking” sign on the side highlighted in black. Near the ticket booth are some red-bordered posters with a black rectangular box at the bottom. The posters in the theater are filled with black, yellow, red, blue and white. The actual ticket booth has a black-bordered rectangular sign that reads “box office” in white with yellow trimmings on the side.

On the window of the ticket booth are some stickers that are red and white. The red is the background of the sticker and the white is the lettering that spells “AMC”. Also near the ticket booth are ticket machines that are grey with a transparent screen. The screen lights up and shows a white rectangular small box with the movie showing in black letters. Going back to the bench there is a tree that has a brown bark with white stones underneath it.

Next to the tree is a green stub that has a white bulb inside it. All along the sidewalk are poles that are black and engraved with a blue sign hanging on the side of it. The sign on the pole is blue with a yellow circle and a blues emblem inside it. The words on the sign read “Atlanta Jewish film festival”. “Atlanta” is in green; “ Jewish” is in blue, “Film Festival” is in red. On the side walk in front of the movie theater is a big red armored truck. The truck is in red with a white top, black wheels and white wording that reads “Dunbar Armored”.

Atlantic Station Subjective Analysis

Sitting on the bench in front of the theater I wondered what movie people were going to see. There was a long line so this kind of told me that there are lots of goods movies that came out this week. The smell of the surrounding restaurants was making me hungry. I could smell pizza, burgers and seafood. The time that I went was around the afternoon and a lot of people were out doing their shopping, enjoying the movies and filling up their stomachs at the restaurants. What I notice a lot were African Americans and a lot of Caucasians and the ratio was pretty even. I wondered if this area was promoting it to a particular group of people. As I saw more and more people it showed me that it was a pretty good mix of people. There was a small train that would ride around the area and most of the passengers were small children. This was a kid friendly area.

This brought back many memories because I had gone to watch Batman V. Superman in 3D about six months ago. I also remembered of an ice-cream place that was very remarkable. Some guy then sat next to me and said hello to me. I wondered if there were more friendly people like this gentlemen. I also saw a L.A Fitness and wondered how many people actually go to this gym because of the location. I didn’t see to many people inside the gym either because of the day being Sunday or because there is not a lot of residential housing near by. Going back to Atlantic Station reminded me how much I wanted to try Yard House the restaurant. About six months ago I had tried the California Pizza place and I remembered how cheesy and hot the pepperoni pizza was. Based on my visit I could tell that it was a good day to go out and have some entertainment. By going to this place it showed me that it was definitely a place promoting a lot of entertaining activities.