Mechanicsville was formed after the civil war and was home to many the railroads mechanics. As it formed it was built for a lot of of Jews as well as African Americans, Germans, Russians and other Europeans. Road clogs, detours and crowds are once again part of the negative impact that Turner Field brought the the neighborhoods around it like Mechanicsville. Kevin Gunter, owner of the Bullpen Rib House says “It’s definitely going to hurt, and we just don’t think its a good move.” on “How will Braves move effect Atlanta’s businesses. He also says that 40 percent of his business ¬†are on days that the Braves use to play home meaning it would be a huge blow against his business. “A new plan from the Turner Field Neighborhoods Livable Centers Initiative, led by the city of Atlanta, provides a guide for what those changes could look like. It promotes things like denser developments and walkable streets.” said by Stephannie Stokes in “Plan reimagines Turner Field Area after Sale”. It seams that plans are in the making for the surrounding neighborhood but its seems more and more that there are two effects towards the towns.