Peoples town

Peoples town was named after the property owners, Peoples family. in the 1890’s is was owned by a single family neighborhood. As time passed in the 1920’s it became known as a home to African Americans, Whites and Jews. Peoples town now holds 3,200 individuals which creates around 1,200 households. Like Summerhill, Turner field brought a lot of crowds, detours and clogged roads. If I were to live in a section like this it would be annoying and difficult to get around my own home. As stated by Michael Kahn in “Turner field development could be spilling into surrounding neighborhoods”, the construction and buying of land could be a good thing or a bad thing for the neighboring towns. Buying land and reconstructing gives the towns hope for renovations but it also could mean the drawing out of people of their homes. The Dallas Morning News makes a great point. There are no doctors, grocery shops and banks around the neighboring towns just a couple of bars. This tells me that there was no real development around peoples town for homeowners to be satisfied. New developments are being made to make this problem go away just like the mayor Reed said he would. I think for peoples town it would be great for the move of turner field because it welcomes for new development in the area

Taken by: Pin it