Summerhill, a town that neighbors what use to be known as Turner Field. Summerhill was Atlanta’s first African-American real-estate development after the civil war. Summerhill was surrounded by all the merchants and the people who used their land for parking which brought a lot of money to the community. Being a neighbor to  field it also brought a lot of clogged-roads, detours and crowd inconvenience says Terry Shropshire in ” So What Happens To The Summerhill Neighborhood After The Braves TurnerLeave?” Mayor Kasim Reed reassured the people in a press conference in Atlanta City Hall that Summerhill will be okay after the Braves leave.“Over the next three years, we will be working with our prospective partners to bring residential and business development that is worthy of our city and strengthens our downtown. Those conversations will continue and I am excited about how we use the land that is now Turner Field, to be a tremendous asset for our residents, our city, and our region for years to come.” said Kisam Reed. For the neighboring town of Summerhill, it seams that it would positively change the neighborhood as they bring in more residential ideas. One who lives in this town must just wait and see how much the town will grow after the move.

Picture taken: (Summerhill Riots
Summerhill, Atlanta, Georgia