Turner Field

Turner field opened up in 1997 and was the home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. At first it was to built for the summer olympics in 1996 but then converted to the stadium that we know today. After its glorious years as the Braves home it finally came to an end where a new park was constructed; Suntrust Stadium. Before the park closed Turner Field was known for all its amusements and games that were held there until October 2016 where the Braves won over the Detroit Tigers 1-0. Now Georgia state is to claim such field. Most importantly, the field was surrounded by its neighboring towns that benefited from it greatly. One might say that it was a positive or a negative affect towards the towns. Now that the new stadium has been constructed and the Braves move on to the next stadium it poses the question if it is of good consequences or of bad consequence for the neighboring towns. The three towns that neighbor Turner Field are known as Peoplestown, Summerhill and Mechanicsville. Do these towns now have something to be glad about? or does the move of Turner Field into Suntrust Stadium deny them of the positive it brought to the people of the towns? Does the Turner Field move shape the behavior, attitudes and beliefs in a positive way or a negative way in the surrounding towns? I greatly believe that it both has a positive and negative affect towards the neighboring town of turner field.

** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–FILE **The Atlanta Braves, right, and the New York Mets stand on the baselines at Turner Field in Atlanta during opening day ceremonies Friday, April 8, 2005. (AP Photo/John Bazemore/FILE)