Atlantic Station Objective Analysis

I am sitting in frot of the theater on a black grilled bench while having a street in-between the theater and the sidewalk that the bench is placed on. In front of the bench is a silver fire hydrant bolted down and has a chain hanging from each side of the hydrant. Next to the hydrant is a sign that has a platform at the bottom with two poles sticking out vertically and a half shaped circle at the top. The half circle at the top of the sign is red and has a white A and S with an arrow pointing up. At the bottom of the sign is a flowerpot that is brown with darker brown smudges all around it while the flowers that are in the pot is purple, yellow and green. The sidewalk is a burgundy color with black patterns all around it.

In the street in-between the sidewalk and movie theater is a street with two yellow lines in the middle of the street while having a white “no parking” sign on the side highlighted in black. Near the ticket booth are some red-bordered posters with a black rectangular box at the bottom. The posters in the theater are filled with black, yellow, red, blue and white. The actual ticket booth has a black-bordered rectangular sign that reads “box office” in white with yellow trimmings on the side.

On the window of the ticket booth are some stickers that are red and white. The red is the background of the sticker and the white is the lettering that spells “AMC”. Also near the ticket booth are ticket machines that are grey with a transparent screen. The screen lights up and shows a white rectangular small box with the movie showing in black letters. Going back to the bench there is a tree that has a brown bark with white stones underneath it.

Next to the tree is a green stub that has a white bulb inside it. All along the sidewalk are poles that are black and engraved with a blue sign hanging on the side of it. The sign on the pole is blue with a yellow circle and a blues emblem inside it. The words on the sign read “Atlanta Jewish film festival”. “Atlanta” is in green; “ Jewish” is in blue, “Film Festival” is in red. On the side walk in front of the movie theater is a big red armored truck. The truck is in red with a white top, black wheels and white wording that reads “Dunbar Armored”.

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