Atlantic Station Subjective Analysis

Sitting on the bench in front of the theater I wondered what movie people were going to see. There was a long line so this kind of told me that there are lots of goods movies that came out this week. The smell of the surrounding restaurants was making me hungry. I could smell pizza, burgers and seafood. The time that I went was around the afternoon and a lot of people were out doing their shopping, enjoying the movies and filling up their stomachs at the restaurants. What I notice a lot were African Americans and a lot of Caucasians and the ratio was pretty even. I wondered if this area was promoting it to a particular group of people. As I saw more and more people it showed me that it was a pretty good mix of people. There was a small train that would ride around the area and most of the passengers were small children. This was a kid friendly area.

This brought back many memories because I had gone to watch Batman V. Superman in 3D about six months ago. I also remembered of an ice-cream place that was very remarkable. Some guy then sat next to me and said hello to me. I wondered if there were more friendly people like this gentlemen. I also saw a L.A Fitness and wondered how many people actually go to this gym because of the location. I didn’t see to many people inside the gym either because of the day being Sunday or because there is not a lot of residential housing near by. Going back to Atlantic Station reminded me how much I wanted to try Yard House the restaurant. About six months ago I had tried the California Pizza place and I remembered how cheesy and hot the pepperoni pizza was. Based on my visit I could tell that it was a good day to go out and have some entertainment. By going to this place it showed me that it was definitely a place promoting a lot of entertaining activities.


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