Georgia state courtyard

Sitting in the courtyard made me feel like there was life in the university because that is every one goes to hang out. All I see is students walking by and also sitting and even selling stuff near some tables. There are fraternities and sororities and clubs that are in front of the library. The library is right behind me and it is clearly the largest building near by. I feel like a lot of students hang out around this are because of the location of the library and its seating arrangements outside in the courtyard. There is a beautiful water fountain that several people sit by and it has four squirts that shoot up water into the air.

Near the courtyard is classroom south where we have our English class. Next to the classroom south is the general classroom where I take my accounting tests. Being in the courtyard makes me forget how Georgia State is in the city and actually makes me feel like I’m in a real university. This is why people probably hang around the courtyard.

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