Georgia state scenery

Sitting down in the courtyard of Georgia State. All the buildings around me are grey. The ground is grey as well. All around the courtyard are five brick made columns in the color red. There are white lampposts around the courtyard. Coming off of Courtland Street are stairs that lead to the courtyard where there are a blue, red and grey directory sign. Next to the stairs is an electrical brown door with a black rug with the Georgia State emblem that has blue and red panther before walking into the building.

On the other side of the building is the same electrical door with the same black rug with the emblem of Georgia State. In front of where I am sitting is a wooden table with blue seats. Over to the left of where I am sitting is the blue water fountain that is made with red bricks. In front of the fountain is a ramp that leads to classroom south with a white railing. On one side is the ramp and in the middle is the stairs. The signs in front of the buildings are red, grey and blue.

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