Varsity Analysis

The post are talking about the architecture of the varsity and the environmental surroundings of the Varsity. The message of the post is that the Varsity is a good restaurant to go to. They try to describe the Varsity in three different ways. One is through the history and pictures and people in the restaurant. The second is through sound the Varsity makes. Lastly it describes the color and detailed environment for example the salt shakers were described. The intended audience is for people who are interested in eating at a lively place. I know this because the way the authors describe the Varsity at the end have a good opinion of it. It could be useful because it can give an opinion to someone that would either make them go to the Varsity or not. The author has credibility because all three of them went to the Varsity. To me if was a good description of the Varsity so i would not change a thing.

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